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Formulas: Amps, Watts, Temps, etc.

(DAS Follows the National Electrical Code)

12 DC – Car       110 AC – Home

To Equal Amp Draw
Take Wattage ÷ Voltage = Amp Draw

To Equal Wattage 
Take Amp × Voltage = Wattage

Centimeters to Inches: cm x 0.39 
Inches to Centimeter: inches x 2.54

Configuration for In-Line Fuse 
(Inverter Amps) ÷ 12 = (In-Line Fuse Size)

When using a Fuse – Positive Wire

Red-Positive / Black-Negative

Boiling Point 212º
Freezing Point 32º 
35º to 38º is Normal Point for Refrigerator 
Anything higher than 38º bacterial can start

USB Ports = 500 Ma (milliamps) or ½ of an amp

How to explain the difference between 12-volt appliances and 120-volt appliances.
1. The 120 volt outlet in your home can put out as much as
2. 15 amps. 120 volts X 15 amps = 1800 watts.
3. The 12 volt outlet in your vehicle can also put out 15 amps of power. However, 12 volts X 15 amps = 180, now we only have 180 watts of power.
4. This is why your 12 volt appliances take longer to produce the same result as your home appliances.

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