Core Values

Mission Statement

To strive for excellence in all we do so that through our actions and examples we may be a model for others to follow.

Core Values

DAS has seven core values through which the entire company is built. They are the foundation and essence of who we truly are to all we serve.

GOD HONORING - We are a stewardship company recognizing that everything we have is a gift from God. He entrusts the gift of His company to us, so that we may honor him in all we endeavor to do.

FAMILY - Individual and corporate family go hand in hand as the building blocks of society and a company. Each must have at its core principals of trust, unity, respect, responsibility, balance and loyalty.

SERVANT LEADERSHIP - Every leader of our company bears the responsibility to nurture, grow and develop the potential growth of each and every associate they have the opportunity to lead. Associate’s individual growth will be encouraged by the management team of DAS by means of training, recognition, communication, compassion and accountability.

INTEGRITY - The moral and ethical set of imprinted values of the heart can never be compromised in any decision of DAS. We must always have the courage to live them out through our corporate and personal actions.

HUMILITY - No one person is more important than another. DAS recognizes and values the importance of every associate’s position, and how their contributions are an integral part of the overall success of the company.

QUALITY - We at DAS will always strive to attain the highest quality of service, products, marketing, communication and relationships.

PROFITABILITY - We have the responsibility to our associates, customers, suppliers, community and God, as managers of His company, to produce profits that enable us to reinvest for the future. This commitment helps us support and grow our associates, maximize our customer’s profitability, and be an example of a stewardship company by sharing our profits with those in need around the world.

DAS Mission & Core Values


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Company Purpose

To build a profitable God-honoring business that through its actions and outreach will make a positive difference in the world which passes on from generation to generation.


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