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Contact Source:
Charles White
Vice President, Brands & Marketing
(717) 964-3642

Truckers teach travel center retailers how to "get it done"

Palmyra, PA (May 2016) – DAS Companies, Inc., a full-service marketing and supply chain portfolio company, gave truckers center stage at the 2016 DAS Travel Center show held May 11 and 12 in Lancaster, PA.

Each year one of the main attractions that draw retailers to register for the “largest Travel Center Show in the country” is the educational seminars, always rich in relevant content. This year was no exception. Day one of the show closed with “Professional Drivers Tell All,” a seminar that featured a panel of three respected professional drivers from the RoadPro® Professional Driver Council: Henry Albert, Joanne Fatta, and Tom Kyrk.

“We utilize direct customer feedback and engagement from the previous year to strategically plan seminars and ensure they are valuable to our customers,” said Charles White, Vice President Brands and Marketing, DAS Companies, Inc. “Last year’s seminar led by Henry was a huge success, so we took it to the next level with two additional drivers for additional insights.”

The session started with some statistics on “Who is the professional driver:” gender, age, income, health, and wellness. However, the real discussion began when the facilitator inquired to each member of the panel on “what trucking means to them?” As each driver spoke, it became clear to the audience that they are not just selling “truck stuff” to truckers, but serving the on-the-go lifestyle of individuals who define trucking, not as a profession, but as a passion.

As the session progressed retailers continued to gain insights and knowledge into the work/life challenges of the truckers, why they choose specific truck stops, their routine upon arrival and most importantly how retailers can earn their loyalty and shopping dollars. When asked about where they purchase products that keep them safe, comfortable, and connected while on-the-go, all panel members quickly responded, not Walmart or Target, but TRUCK STOPS because they need the products that are durable, heavy-duty and built to withstand their lifestyle.

The eyes, quickly widened as the audience realized that the truckers WANT to buy from them, and how they could differentiate themselves was the next question.

One of the struggles of the on-the-go lifestyle is eating healthy. After a long day of driving, cooking a healthy meal in the cab is not always possible.  When asked specifically about food choice, all drivers agreed that they are looking for healthy options in truck stops such as salads and fresh fruit/produce at reasonable prices. One driver even suggested partnering with a local farmers market! 

There was no doubt that when asked about top reasons for stopping at a truck stop words such as restroom/shower cleanliness and parking were at the top of the list for each driver. However, when a specific question came from the audience “what can we, the retailer, do to earn repeat business?”  The answer was simple and agreed upon by Henry, Tom and Joanne: friendly, smiling service and appreciation for their business and profession.  After being on the road, alone, for hours at a time, a pleasant clerk or server is just what the doctor ordered. Other suggestions from the driver panel included: driver appreciation events, opportunities for a inexpensive haircut, and fresh fruit and produce as mentioned above.

Those in the audience left this session with input from real truckers on what they want from a travel center. It is not price that keeps them coming back but old fashioned customer service in addition to clean restrooms!

About DAS Companies, Inc.
DAS Companies, Inc. is a full-service marketing and supply chain portfolio company. Privately held, DAS Companies, Inc., designs, imports, and distributes truck & auto supplies, travel gear, and mobile electronics that offer safety, convenience, comfort and connectedness to on-the-go consumers, through a series of channel partnerships, including: Travel Centers, Convenience Stores, Heavy Duty Trucking, Electronics & Specialty Retailers.

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