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Forms and Resources

Forms & Resources

New Dealer Pack
DAS Credit Application Metra Product Guide
Symbol PDT-3000/3100 User's Guide Metra Application Guide

CPSC Certificates of Compliance

COC H0272 D26456 COC 33614
14H-01628_CPC CPC Weccan D29280
COC H0203 D26456 COC 31030
COC H0203 D26456 COC 33000
COC 319 D26882 COC 2424 D26882
COC 4310 D26882 COC 21125 D26882
COC 61059 D26882 COC 91769-91770-94250-D26882
COC PA17199-D26924 COC 91905-91906-91205-D27152
COC PA17199 D26924 New_Ray_Die_Cast_GCC
Additional_Ray_Die_Cast_GCC COC Commonwealth 909059090691205 -D27502
COC FuqiToys FQ777470 -D27504 COC D27500_Hand_Puppets
COC D27500_Snake COC 27501_60ASST_Travel_Pillow
COC D27501_302292_Plush w/Blanket COC GCC D27777
GCC D27499 New Ray D27932_Monkey_M1203628_GCC
D27932_Slippers_Y1209120_Y1209726_GCC COC_GCC_D27977_Table_Top_Games
COC_GCC_D28156W_NewRay COC_GCC_D28055E_Teddy_Bears
GCC D28048E New Ray COC_GCC_D28055W_Teddy_Bears
GCC D28048W New Ray GCC D28049E-W New Ray
GCC, Lot D28153, Item Z1308525 GCC, Lot D28153, Item C1116950
GCC D28058, FQ777518, Helicopter GCC D28495E, 1730DD, Duck Dynasty
GCC D28220W, 2052, Best Made Toys GCC D28495E, 1700DD, Duck Dynasty
GCC D28220E, 2052-1, Best Made Toys GCC D28495E, 1720DD, Duck Dynasty
GCC D28220E, 2052-2, Best Made Toys GCC D28707E New Ray
GCC D27477E-W, AS-12080, Assorted Mix GCC D28707W New Ray
GCC D2859E - Plush Tiger GCC D28764E and W
GCC D28708W-000 CPC Lot D28787 Feb 2014
COC D8787 302292 Plush with Blanket GCC BB7024, 27576 Jacquard Frog 45cm 2011
GCC BB7024 87072, 29546 Mini Sock Monkey GCCs for D28708E New Ray
GCC D28792 FT130075 - Pillow Animals CPC JD4226 DT120659, 20664, 20760, 30578 - Stuffed Animal Back Packs
GCC D28790 Plush Rockers D28786 CPC M11179104B, HP80227722
CPC D28786 C12130102, M1211854 CPC D28785 SGH4303, SGH4309
GCC D28903W GCC D28903E
CPC D29118, CM331006 Rag Dolls CPC D29119
GCC D28904E and W CPC JD4569, Item DT131, Nanjing Delta
GCC D29125E-1 GCC D29125E-2
GCC D29125W-1 GCC D29125W-2
COC D29306, JGL42B GCCs D29126E-W
GCC D29162E, D29162W GCC D29271, 39709
GCC D29263 Table Top Games GCC Best Made D29376E
GCC Best Made D29375E GCC Best Made D29375W
GCC D29162E Best Made GCC D29162W Best Made
GCC D29376W CPC D29313, 6626, 6613A
GCC D29376E GCC D29376W
GCC D29289W COC D29128E
COC D29128W CPC D29312
GCC D29376E GCC D29376W-000
GCC D29289E GCC D29256E Best Made
GCC D29256W Best Made GCC D29363E New Ray
GCC D29363W CMAU4611912 New Ray GCC D29371E CMAU5438632 New Ray
GCC D29371E INKU6142431 New Ray GCC D29371E CONT 1
GCC D29371W GCC D29371E CONT 2
GCC D29371W CONT 1 GCC D29371E New Ray CMAU5438637
GCC D29371W New Ray CAXU4203910 GCC D29371W New Ray CAXU4768855
GCC D29515W Best Made GCC D29515E Best Made
GCC D29371E D29567E CMAU5906076 New Ray GCC D29371E D29567E ECMU8073654 New Ray
GCC D29371W D29567W ECMU8125819 New Ray GCC D29371W D29567W TCLU1855380 New Ray
CPC D29997 CM331006 Rag Dolls CPC D29692 14H-03215 Jiangsu Guotai
CPC D29807 14H-03226 Qingdao New World CPC_14H-03871
CPC - CM9160ASST, CM915014ASST, CM9100ASST GCC - D29749W
GCC - D29749E COC - D29306, JGL42B
CPC - 14H-04047 CPC - 14H-03637
CPC - 14H-03769 CPC - 14H-03886
GCC - D30117W GCC - D30117E
GCC - D30116E GCC - D30115W
GCC - D3115E CPC - 15H-00331
GCC - D30116W Best Made GCC - D30114W
GCC - D30114E GCC - D30185W
GCC - D30185W - EMHU238366 GCC - Best Made D30185E
GCC - Best Made D30185E 53015 GCC - Best Made D30185E 53044
GCC - Best Made D30185E 53048 GCC - Best Made D30185W HGIU646402
GCC - Best Made D30185W HGIU650968 GCC - Best Made D30185W HGIU651472
GCC - New Ray D30219E, UACU8414597 GCC - New Ray D30219W, TCLU4133000
GCC - New Ray D30343W, HLBU1582699 GCC - New Ray D30343W, HLBU1169047
GCC - New Ray D30343E, ACLU9686760 GCC - New Ray D30343E, ACLU9686483
GCC - Item 87053 GCC - Best Made D30421E KKFU181001
GCC - New Ray D30348W GCC - New Ray D30348E
GCC - Best Made D30421W GCC - Best Made D30422E
GCC - Best Made D30423W GCC - Best Made D30423W-2
GCC - Best Made D30423E GCC - Best Made D30422W
GCC - Best Made D30575W GCC - Best Made D30575E
GCC - Big Ideas D304252E - D30425W CPC - 15H-02251
GCC - Best Made D30575W_2 GCC - Best Made D30575E_2
GCC - Best Made - D30575E GCC - Best Made - D30575W
GCC - Best Made -D30598E - TGHU4659101 GCC - Best Made - D30575W - MAGU5588782 and CBHU8953124
GCC - Best Made - D30575E - FSCU8457461 and FSCU8488061 GCC - Best Made - D30574W - KKFU1724924
GCC - Best Made - D30574E - BMOU3026401 CPC - 15H-02251
CPC - 15H-02039 CPC - 15H-01900
GCC - Best Made -D30596W - HGIU638939 GCC - Best Made - D30596W - HGIU5600944, HGIU633479
GCC - Best Made - D3596W GCC - Best Made - D30596W
GCC - Best Made - D30596E-3923 GCC - Best Made - D3056E - 6928, 28306, 8430, 532740
GCC - D305967E-W GCC - Best Made - D30575W, CBHU8833807, TGHU6887271
GCC - Best Made - D30575E, DBKU9645350, DBKU9645344 GCC - Best Made - D30679W - CBHU8635490, GESU6704763, BHOU4638119
GCC - Best Made - D30679E - CBHU9120143, FSCU9314362, TCNU9954617 GCC - D30679A-000
GCC - Best Made - D30679B - KKFU7609846, KKFU7134036 GCC - Best Made - D30679E
GCC - Best Made - D30679W GCC - D30572E-000
GCC - D30572W-000 GCC - D30679E-000
GCC - D30679W-000 GCC - New Ray - D30803E - FSCU8793424
GCC-New-Ray-D30803E-FSCU8471351 GCC - Best Made - D30832W and KKFU7665264
GCC - Best Made - D30752E - KKFU1442638 TCNU8041871 GCC - Best Made - D30832E TCKU4721897
CPC - D30821 GCC - New Ray - D30803W HCOU4251716
GCC - New Ray - D30803W FSCU6462108 GCC - New Ray - D30805E SUDU5864144
GCC - New Ray D30803E GCC - New Ray D30803W
GCC - New Ray D30805W GCC - Best Made - D30836E
GCC - Best Made - D30837W GCC - Best Made - D30836W
GCC - Best Made - D30837E, KKFU9072859, KKFU9042670 GCC - Best Made - D30837E, KKFU7649181, KKFU7919712
GCC - Best Made - D30837EW GCC - New Ray - D31130W and D331131W
GCC - New Ray - D31130W GCC - New Ray - D31130E and D31131E
GCC - New Ray - D31130E GCC - Best Made - D30956W
GCC - Best Made - D30956E GCC - Best Made - D31107E
GCC - New Ray - D31130 CPC - Nan Nan - D31284
CPC - Jiangsu Soho - D31282 COC - Suquian Cheering - JD6908 and JD7095
CPC - 15H-05468 GCC - Best Made - D31351E
GCC - D31488A - 012616 GCC - D31488B - 012616
GCC - D31488E - 012616 GCC - D31488W - 012616
CPC - D31418 GCC - D31488A - 012716
GCC - D31488B - 012716 GCC - D31488A - 000
GCC - D31488B - 000 COC - JD7635 - 040716
COC - D31852 - 042616 COC - D31700 - 050616
COC - D31913 - 9406 - 051816 GCC-D31801W.pdf
CPC-D31833-DAS.pdf CPC-D31916-062416.pdf
GCC-D31871E-070615.pdf GCC-D31871W-070616.pdf
GCC-D31899W-080116.pdf GCC-D31899E-080216.pdf
GCC-D31899EW-080216.pdf GCC-D31959EandW-081716.pdf
GCC-D31896E-081916.pdf GCC-D31896W-082316.pdf
GCC-D31934E-CXDU2069476.pdf GCC-D31934W-082616.pdf
GCC-D32052W-091216-2.pdf GCC-D32052E-091216-2.pdf
GCC-D32052E-091216.pdf GCC-D32052W-091216.pdf
GCC-D32052E-090916.pdf GCC-D32052W-090916.pdf
GCC-D32051W-091216.pdf GCC-D32051E-091216.pdf
CPC-D32172-092716-2.pdf CPC-D32172-092716b.pdf
GCC-D31961W-091516.pdf GCC-D31922W-100716.pdf
GCC-D31922E-100716.pdf GCC-D32052W-100716.pdf
GCC-D32049E-102016.pdf GCC-D32272W.pdf
GCC-D32272E-112216.pdf GCC-34607-112316.pdf
GCC-D32230E-120216.pdf GCC-D32230W-120216.pdf
GCC-D32484E-012317.pdf GCC-D32484W-012317.pdf
GCC-D32560A.pdf GCC-D32560B.pdf
GCC-D32561A.pdf GCC-D32561B.pdf
GCC-SBMI2017-7816.pdf GCC-SBMI2017-7817.pdf
GCC-SBMI2017-7822.pdf GCC-SBMI2017-7823.pdf
GCC-D32573E-040617.pdf GCC-D32573W-040617.pdf
GCC-D32572E-041017.pdf GCC-D32572W-041017.pdf
CPC-VH5655.pdf GCC-D32556W.pdf
GCC-D32556W-D32557W.pdf COC-D32567-D32748-042617.pdf
GCC-D32556E-D32557E-050217.pdf GCC-D32556-050217.pdf
GCC-D32747W-052317.pdf GCC-KM0005E-063017.pdf
GCC-KM0006E-071717.pdf GCC-KM0006W-071717.pdf
GCC-KM0005W-072617.pdf GCC-KM0005E-072617.pdf
GCC-895161-JD9929-071817.pdf GCC-KM0005W-080917.pdf
GCC-JD9802W-080917A.pdf GCC-JD9802W-080917B.pdf
GCC-JD9802E-080917.pdf CPC-17H-007097.pdf
GCC-J00879W-092017.pdf CPC-17H-007421-J00470.pdf
GCC-J00504B-092917.pdf GCC-J00504A-092917.pdf
GCC-J00879E-092517.pdf GCC-J00504E-102317.pdf
GCC-J00504W-100517.pdf CPC-17H-008319.pdf
CPC-17H-008379.pdf GCC-J01203W-111617.pdf
GCC-J01203E-111617.pdf GCC-J00660E-120517.pdf
GCC-J00660W-120517.pdf GCC-J00661-010318.pdf
GCC-J01835.pdf GCC-J01877W-021618.pdf
GCC-YS170222L.pdf GCC-2015-80CNL.pdf
GCC-1802L.pdf GCC-1711-087-32L.pdf
GCC-1802L.pdf GCC-1711-087-32L.pdf
CPC-Ty-Backpacks-95001-95004-95000-95007.pdf CPC-Toy-State-J02545.pdf
GCC-J02149E-041318.pdf CPC-J02652.pdf
GCC-J02895-060618.pdf GCC-J03196W-061518.pdf
GCC-J03196E-061518.pdf GCC-J03171E-061818.pdf
GCC-J03171W-061818.pdf GCC-J03170W-062818-1.pdf
GCC-J03170W-062818-2.pdf GCC-J03170E-062818-1.pdf
GCC-J03170E-062818-2.pdf CPC-J03575.pdf
GCC-J03542W-J03171W-073018.pdf GCC-J03542E-J03171E-073018.pdf
GCC-J03855W-073018.pdf GCC-J03855E-073018.pdf
GCC-J03339W-082218.pdf GCC-J03339E-082018.pdf
GCC-J04472W-J04156W-100118.pdf GCC-J03845W-100118.pdf
GCC-J04156E-J04472E-100918.pdf GCC-J04496W-_101218.pdf
GCC-J04496E_-_101218.pdf GCC-J04449A-112718.pdf
GCC-J04980E-W-112918.pdf GCC-J04599E-W-121118.pdf
GCC-J04496W-011019.pdf GCC-J04449W-010419.pdf
GCC-J04449E-010419.pdf GCC-AS-15463NR.PDF
GCC-AS-12323.PDF GCC-AS-12900.PDF
GCC-AS-13453.PDF GCC-SS-10641.PDF
GCC-J05422E-040219.pdf GCC-J05422W-040219.pdf
GCC-J05466W-040219.pdf GCC-J05466E-040419.pdf
CPC-J06502-HighHope.pdf GCC-J05661W-041519.pdf
GCC-J05661E-041519.pdf GCC-J05661A-041519.pdf
GCC-J05661B-041519.pdf CPC-J06933.pdf
GCC-J06115W-0502191.pdf GCC-J06205W-052119.pdf
GCC-J06205E-052119.pdf CPC-J06502-HighHope1.pdf
GCC-J06710-ZURU.pdf CPC-9602SQ1-CHEM.pdf
CPC-7726SQ1-CHEM.pdf CPC-7703Q-CHEM.pdf
CPC-6709.pdf CPC-6708.pdf
CPC-J06469.pdf CPC-J07033-325NB.pdf
CPC-J06783-9204.pdf CPC-J06783-9201.pdf
CPC-J06915.pdf GCC-J06666W-070219.pdf
GCC-J06666E-070219.pdf CPC-NW4112-NW4169-NW4253.pdf
CPC-NW4706-NW4707.pdf CPC-NW4890-192416-192453.pdf
GCC-J07849E-100919.pdf CPC-6708.pdf
CPC-6709.pdf GCC-9202-Rainbocorns...J08712.pdf
CPC-7726SQ1.pdf CPC-7703Q-7703GQ1.pdf
CPC-9204-InitialLot...J08712.pdf CPC-9602SQ1-InitialLot...J08712.pdf
CPC_NW4542.pdf CPC_US_NW5147.pdf
CPC_USA_NW5176.pdf CPC_CAN_NW5543.pdf
CPC_US_NW5543.pdf CPC_USA_J09160.pdf
CPC-NW5567-US.pdf CPC-J09191-J09464-US.pdf
CPC-NW5567-CAN.pdf CPC-NW5646-USA.pdf
CPC-99808-NW5795-USA.pdf CPC-NW5689-USA.pdf
CPC-NW5236-US.pdf CPC-NW6106.pdf
CPC-US-NW5800.pdf CPC-CAN-NW4542.pdf